Thursday, January 5, 2017

Winsor & Newton - Material Sponsorship

Raw Art Foundation is proud and happy to receive an extremely generous material sponsorship from the British Company Winsor & Newton !
Miri Martinović who is the German/Swiss/Austrian representative of Winsor & Newton,The-Fine-Art-Collective-DACH suggested our project after following our activities,(blog & FB) and a personal meeting to view works of the RAW artists.
We then arranged a demonstration workshop by Miri Martinović, explaining the properties of the pigments, the ways of mixing the pigments, paints, inks with mediums. 
Christopher Kapeller and Holger Frischkorn attended the workshop, "We all enjoyed learning about the pigments, brushes and mediums, as to the history of the comapny Winsor & Newton . I am sure the materials will inspire the artists to explore new possibilities within their choosen field, and Raw Art will definately share the results with you !"

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