Sunday, January 18, 2015

Anna Le Huynh - @ rawart 2015

Anna Le Huynh – Frankfurt, Germany

Anna Le Huynh is a member of the Arts Collective - RAF in Frankfurt since  summer 2014.
she is working on an installation, drawing inspiration from her family history,re-working family portraits and memories from her roots and memories of Kazakhstan.
"I started to draw, write poems and lyrics in my early childhood in Kazakhstan. Unfortunately other things became more important, when we moved to Germany in the 90ies. I lost my passion for a long time, frequently trying to pick up again were I left off, writing poems and drawing.It wasn’t fulfilling and left me unsatisfied.
I went onto study business administration with human resources (hr) as my major field and worked for several years in a human resources department. During that time I got to know different hr areas and had the opportunity to work in China for 6 months.In the last years I have had privately a very hard time. My life changed and so did my point of view and my priorities. I lost motivation for my job and decided to quit and focus only on art and lyrics. 
I love art!!! I love pictures! They are always telling a story. It is very important for me, that the stories behind my pictures reach the viewers.
I love trying out different art styles and to work with different materials. I’m not able to focus on one thing. I'm an autodidactic artist and work mostly on my own photographs, from my time in China and my family photographs. I'm reworking the images using my phone with several photo apps, transfering them to different medium like wood, canvas and fabrics and editing them with drawings, paintings and embroidery."
Anna Le Huynh* 2015



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